If You Know That Youtube WORKS
But Haven’t Looked At Additional Video Traffic
You Are About To See How To EXPLODE Your Traffic Strategy

Dear Fellow Marketer,

Hi, I’m Phoenix Freemen and like you, I’ve had my fair
share of struggles trying to get to where I am
now. These days, video marketing has kept a
steady stream of traffic flowing my way.

Wait, wait, wait…

I know what you’re thinking… video marketing?!

You mean, spending hours, days, weeks, heck…EVEN MONTHS uploading
unique videos to various sites trying to get traffic flowing in.

Constantly Locked Away,
Uploading Video After Video,
You Barely See the Light of Day!

It wasn’t long ago that I was in your shoes.

I spent so much time cooped up in my office, dark circles formed
under my eyes, my skin turned stark white from lack of sunlight (not
a good look for a sun-loving Aussie I may add!) and I couldn’t shake
the feeling of exhaustion.

Of course, you know what I’m talking about.

How many hours do you waste…

Free Time, What’s That? You
Haven’t Had a Day Off in Months!

Only a crazy person would put themselves through this kind of agony, right? Probably.

In just a moment, I’ll let you in on my secret tool that gets the whole operation done in MINUTES, but first let me tell you this…

I had spent so much time plugging away at these videos, it had taken a real toll on my family. Not only were they getting tired of Daddy not spending time with them, I couldn’t bare missing out on time with my kids anymore.

Something had to change.

Of course, giving up the traffic from video marketing
wasn’t an easy call either. Here’s why:

There Had to Be an Easier Way to Capture All that Video
Traffic WITHOUT The Headache!

Let’s face it.


Knowing that walking away from video marketing wasn’t an option, and living life tucked away in my office wasn’t either, I created the ultimate timesaving tool.

Scratch tool, it’s a miracle. This thing is a damn MIRACLE!

Instead of spending hours uploading videos, I cut the ENTIRE
process down to just 6 minutes. And it just kept working while I walked away...

Yes, you read that right…

In Just a few Minutes, Videos Are Uploaded to Every Video Site!

PLUS – you can have MULTIPLE accounts on all of these sites
for even more coverage!

Not to mention, unique versions of each video are created at the click of the button AND it creates titles, descriptions and keywords for the videos.

Best of all, I was getting FIRST page results! Better results in less than half the time.

Of course, I couldn’t hog this thing all to myself. A few friends of mine used it as well and were BLOWN AWAY at the results.

Don’t take my word for it! Check out what they had to say…


I’d hate to keep you waiting in suspense any longer (you’ve wasted enough of your time uploading all those videos already!).

So, I’d like to introduce to the number 1, time-saving tool EVER…

"A wise man once said that all men are created equal. The
truth is not the same when it comes to software.

If you don't have this software in your arsenal of
tools you wil be OUTflanked, OUTranked and OUTbanked -

Paul W. Sutherland


"Wow - "I have used video online to build rank and bring
traffic for a long time. And NOTHING comes close to
this for ease of use and functionality”

Barry Rogers

hydra product

Get Even MORE Traffic
With Way LESS Work

With Video Max Software working for you, you’ll dramatically cut down your workload.

We’re not talking just an hour or two… I mean days, weeks, MONTHS of tedious work will be done for you in minutes.

Before using Video Max Software, I couldn’t BELIEVE how much time was literally thrown away. These days, I’m getting even MORE traffic from videos.

That’s because you can upload MORE videos in LESS time, WITHOUT the hassle.

Here’s how Video Max Software will benefit you…

Works with both MAC and PC


Honestly, with Video Max Software in your arsenal, you have nothing to lose!

…well except for all that time you’ve spent tediously uploading videos. But hey, will you REALLY miss doing all that work? Probably not!

What’s the Catch Here?

Let me be 100% honest with you.

Do you NEED Video Max Software to do all this?

Well, you could do it all yourself. BUT! Here’s the thing…
You haven’t been!
(or if you have it is taking you AGES)

And the reason you haven’t been uploading to the others except youtube… Is that it
takes too darn long.

Now – in the SAME TIME as uploading to one site – You can have unlimited variations, uploaded to unlimited accounts across
multiple sites


Video Max Software literally cuts down weeks of work into minutes. That
means you can upload even MORE videos for a BIGGER increase in

You wouldn’t be able to upload nearly as many videos if you were
doing it manually – it’s impossible!


With Video Max Software, You’ll Spend Less
Time Working and Still Get More
Traffic and a Bigger Payoff!

Instead of wasting valuable time on uploading videos, Video Max Software
does it for you!

Just think of how much more profitable your business will be with
all that extra time.


Put it this way…

Let’s say you’re able to put up an extra 50
videos a week (we’re being modest here).

Those 50 videos drive 500 extra visitors to
your site (again, we’re being MODEST.)

Knowing that videos can increase our conversions up to 46%, let’s
say those 500 visitors bring in 20 sales. If you’re selling a $5 product,
that’s an extra $100 a week!

Not only are you spending LESS time working, your traffic is going
to get a huge boost AND you could be making up to $100 extra a

You can’t afford NOT to be using Video Max Software!

With that said, I want to prove to you just how powerful this tool really is.

That’s why I’m offering a ONE TIME low price for the next 7 days .
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To Your Success,

Pheonix Freemen

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